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How AVG Antivirus Helps to Stop the Hackers from Getting Access of Computers

AVG is one of the well-equipped and security-enhanced antivirus packages available in the market. This is developed and marketed by AVG technologies with its head office in the UK. AVG also has a well-equipped customer care center which can be reached by calling AVG customer care phone number provided to you on the package and its website. In the evolving era of digitization, everybody needs protection to their sensitive data residing on their gadgets. If you lack such protection, your system will become hacker’s playground. Some of you may be shocked to learn that your gadgets are under the surveillance of many hackers across the world and one day you may fall prey to their strategy. Hence, in this article, we will be discussing such threats and see how AVG protects the users from them.

Defending your PC against threats

As threats like malware, spyware, Trojan, ransomware, and virus attacks your systems on real-time, we also get ready to deal with them at the same pace. Our Artificial Intelligence features and regular updates help detect any suspicious activity on your system and eradicate it in real-time. AVG technical support phone number also helps you understand the suspicious behavior of your gadget and guide the way forward. Out of many features that help protect your PC against such threats, we are listing a few of them below.

  • Robust antivirus system

AVG’s robust antivirus system helps keep your PC protected against all the aforesaid threats in real-time. It has got the option of both automatic and manual scanning.

  • Artificial Intelligence

This advanced feature helps AVG lab consolidate the latest threats which are not even recorded earlier and that too in a real-time.

  • Restricting unwanted applications

AVG vigorously looks out for potentially unwanted applications that you might have downloaded accidentally or forgot to remove after installing it. This keeps such programs away from your gadget which are loaded with adware or malware and may cause harm. AVG antivirus support phone number can be reached if your version fails to defend any unwanted threat.

  • Cyber threat management

The cloud supported technology of AVG to prevent the attack or intrusion of the latest malware, spyware or adware variants helps it to update its virus database and roll out an update to all the users to protect them from the recently discovered threat.

  • Activity shield

AVG observes the activity and behavior of your software and application installed in your gadget and takes action against any suspicious attempt to breach the security of your device. This is possible by the behavior shield mechanism component present in AVG.

  • DND protection

As long as you are using your gadget in full screen i.e., watching movies, playing games or delivering a presentation, AVG protects you against any sort of third-party pop-ups and embarrassing adware. This feature is available in both premium and free version of AVG.

For any kind of queries or technical help the user can always reach out to AVG tech support number and this is open for both free and premium users. Of course, with a few limitations to free users.

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