Benefits of AVG Antivirus

Benefits of AVG Antivirus

AVG antivirus is one of the popular and largest downloaded products online to protect your gadgets against online threats and malware attacks. The product gives users loads of features and deals which they cannot resist and prefer installing for their devices. The frequent discount offers run by AVG can be found out by calling AVG customer care phone number. The AVG antivirus program is also offered for a very affordable price in the market which attracts almost all the users to purchase the same. AVG free version offers almost all the features for which you would have made to pay a hefty amount.

In this ever-growing digital era and online payments for the day-to-day utilities, everyone is aware of the need for a good antivirus and here is the place where AVG comes with a free version to protect your gadget from all the odds. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of AVG antivirus and the reason why it is preferred over its other competitors in the market. The good part is that in both free and registered version users can avail the service of AVG customer care by dialing AVG tech support number provided with the registered version of AVG and as well as from its website

Data Security

With the AVG antivirus in place, one need not worry about the safety of data from the malware attacks and the hackers. The files and data of the users, which are sensitive, confidential and important are placed safe and secure at virtual disk offered by AVG suite. This is the place where your sensitive data can be stored and encrypted. In case if you lose access to your encrypted data, you can always call AVG tech support number for help.

Data/File Shredder

AVG program also comes with a file shredder facility where users can use this utility to delete their files from their system. Using this utility ensures that your deleted files cannot be recovered by any hackers or malicious intruders.

Cyber Threat Protection

With AVG browser protection feature users need not panic about the cyber threat while doing any sort of online transactions. This facility makes the users aware of the status of the link well before they click it to open. You will come to know about suspicious links and malicious websites well before you access them.

Email Protection

Through email shield technology of AVG, your emails are protected against online threats spread through attachments shared over email. All the emails and its content are screened by this feature of AVG and blocked for any sort of malware attacks.

Easy Deployment

The ease of configuring and installing the AVG software from a central point by administrators makes it more powerful. No matter where are the administrators geographically, they are provided with the facility of deploying and managing the software remotely. AVG antivirus support number is 24×7 available in case if you come across any sort of problem during the remote deployment.

Anti-theft protection

AVG antivirus not only protects your personal computers but also secures your tablets and smartphones. The handheld versions for android devices are provided on Google Play. As smartphones and the portable gadgets are prone to theft and loss, AVG has embedded the feature of anti-theft in its handheld version. This feature helps the user to trace their lost mobile and also wipe out their sensitive data which might include some critical files and personal videos/photos etc. AVG camera trap is also a part of this widget as this helps you identify the culprit when he tries to unlock the device three times and fails.

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